Combines our BIG DATA and ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE capabilities to enrich consumer data, enabling smarter decision-making and intelligent payment and collection transactions. We are the experts in interpreting validated data into transactional payment plans ensuring maximum success at the most efficient rates.

Benefits of AUTHENTIFI

Enhanced Fraud Prevention

  • Minimise paper dependencies, through early detection of data capturing inaccuracies whilst streamlining onboarding and enablement processes.

Smart Collections

  • Predictive discernment into optimal action dates increase the success rate of future payment plans.

Reduced Debt Deliquency rates

  • Intelligent data ensures insights into the most probable income streams available to service debt and honour payment commitments.

Optimized Transaction Costs

  • Validated data coupled with optimal action dates and income levels ensures that (low cost) debit order and payment instruments can achieve the same success and efficiency rates as other (more) costly mechanism.


Validation of Identification and Banking Details

  • The following consumer data elements are validated:
    • ID/Passport or company registration number
    • Bank account number
    • Bank account status
    • Transation types allowed on the account
    • Cell phone number & email details

Affordability & Creditworthiness Validation

  • The following consumer data elements are validated:
    • Credit score and risk category descriptors (deceased status indicator & debt review status)
    • Judgements (defaults, sequestrations, admin orders and other judgements)
    • 3x Strike date suggestions
    • Contactibility (2x contact numbers)

Coming Soon

  • The following data intelligence is provided:
    • Employment status
    • Income estimator
    • Best strike/action date to collect
    • Probability of 1st debit order success rate
    • Probability of recurring debit order success rate
    • Probability of disputes
    • Probability of stop payment/suspension

Business indicators that your business needs AUTHENTIFI

  • High deal origination rejection rates (due to incorrect data validations)
  • Excessive reliance on paper artefacts (e.g. copy of ID, payslip or utility bill)
  • Collection unpaid and dispute ratios that exceed acceptable risk levels
  • High credit limits from banks to enable the processing of enhanced debit order and urgent payments
  • Inaccurate cashflow projections due to increasing payment defaults
  • Your business not being ready or able to move your Naedo collections into the DebiCheck space

For more information or to connect and engage with us.
Send us an email to sales.authentifi@tcpaymentsolutions.co.za

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