Nutun Transact leverages 40 years of experience and is a recognised market leader in optimised payment and collection solutions, account verification, people management and processing platforms.

Our business subscribes to best practice, corporate governance and compliance structures upheld by Transaction Capital.

Innovation, customisation and full integration define our solutions. We help our clients create the ideal payment and collections environment for their business to run optimally and securely. Our implementation processes allow our clients to integrate seamlessly in a short period of time.

Nutun Transact offers advanced technology solutions to efficiently manage and automate your business’ financial transactions.

Nutun Transact provides you freedom to focus on your core business, while we take care of your:

  • Risk Management
  • Payments
  • Collections
  • Payroll & HR Management

Account Verification & Data Enrichment Services

A variety of processing & integration options available


AUTHENTIFI™ is a Big Data player, a data exchange platform that digitally obtain, enhance and repackage consumer level information to enable informed decision-making processes in real time.


  • Enhanced Bank Account Validation
  • Advanced Contactibility and Tracing Information
  • Creditworthiness 7 Risk Related Indicators
  • Cashflow Optimisation Indicators
  • Employment & Affordability Statistics
  • Sophisticated Communication Capabilities
  • Sophisticated Communication Capabilities
  • Innovative 3rd Party Solutions
  • “Open Banking” integration

Account Verification Services (AVS)

AVS is an innovative solution implemented across various participating South African Banks to verify that an account holder (whether a company or an individual) and their corresponding bank account is active and valid.

AVS transactions are available in real-time and batch and are typically performed prior to making payments or debit orders to verify the data quality, completeness, and accuracy of information.

  • Proactively reduces fraud and attempts to defraud by verifying that the legitimate account holder does exist
  • Decreased administrative errors from incorrect data
  • Improved turnaround times due to reduced rejected bank transactions
  • Informed decision-making due to improved data quality
  • Added control and governance due to account verification by your client’s bank
  • Improved working capital and greater peace of mind

Payment Services

A variety of processing & integration options available

We have established a market-leading position and manage electronic transactions in excess of R153b annually on behalf of our extensive client base.

We operate within the ambit of the National Payments System Act (NPS) and are governed by the South African Reserve Bank (SARB). We hold membership of the Payment System Stakeholder Forum (PSSF) and the Commercial Independent Bureau Association (CIBA).

Credit Disbursement - EFT Payments

Our financial transactions ecosystem makes provision for disbursement of credits on behalf of our clients.
These include:
  • In excess of 14 Million salary and wage payments annually
  • More than 200 000 garnishee orders annually
  • Reconciliation schedules sent to over a 1000 3rd party institutions every month
  • Payments to CMA countries (South Africa, Namibia, Lesotho and Eswatini)

All employees are paid at the same time.

Integration with your currrent payroll, account validation and multiple pay dates.

Our Payment Platforms

Online Payment System (OPS)

The OPS is a comprehensive web-based payments management solution that enables our clients to securely manage their payment transactions. Control remains with our clients, who upload all wages, salary and debit order files onto the system. Heightened security measures through effective controls and self-managed segregation of duties result in greater peace of mind. Nutun Transact has bank accounts with four major banks for quick and efficient fund transfer convenience.

How the Online Payment Service supports your business:

  • Optimal beneficiary management to create and maintain beneficiaries. This includes both automatic Check Digit Verification (CDV) and Account Holder Verification (AVS) of beneficiary information, to verify the validity of bank accounts and bank branch codes
  • Streamlines multiple financial systems and legal entities onto a single disbursement and reporting platform
  • Automation and distribution of 3rd party payment schedules and proof of payments to beneficiaries

Automated Payment System (APS)

APS is a web-based integrated solution that caters for:
  • Batch uploading or manual capture of EFT collections and payments
  • Account Verification Services (AVS) batch and real-time transactions
  • Easy and intuitive navigation incorporating audited banking-standard security
  • Enhanced security with multiple levels relating to segregation of duties
  • APIs, for automated processing of payments and AVS directly from your line of business systems

Collection Services

A Variety of processing & integration options available

How our collection solutions support your business:

  • Debit Order Collections: including standard two-day and same day services are available in South Africa, Eswatini and Lesotho
  • ENDO: debit order collection directly from any bank account in Namibia.
  • Credit Card Collections

DebiCheck enables the electronic registration and authentication of a debit order mandate against a private or sole proprietor bank account. The collection of funds against the mandate is controlled in line with the parameters and contractual conditions contained within the mandate.

The debit order collection stream in Namibia has been replaced by the enhanced debit order service referred to as ENDO which brings several benefits to both collectors and consumers.

Key changes as they pertain to collections are as follows:
  • Collection model changes from upfront value to value on success
  • Introduction of tracking up to 14 days

Recurring Collection Transactions
Our recurring collections system allows Nutun Transact to maintain the complete database of once-off and recurring (EFT, DebiCheck and Card) mandates, as well as automatically create and submit collection files to the banks. Credit card collections are tokenised in line with PCI DSS guidelines.

How Recurring Collection Transactions supports your business:
  • The collections strategy aims to improve our clients’ collection rates and involves a monthly review of all transactions to determine the most appropriate service type (DebiCheck, Debit order, Card). In line with the underlying mandate, strike dates and tracking days can be adjusted to align with the client’s collections strategy.

Our Collections Platform


This innovative web-based platform allows for the processing of EFT debit orders, DebiCheck, mandates and credit card collections. Alchemy enables clients to manage collections by capturing new instructions (debit order and credit card details), amend existing details and cancel existing collection instructions, by utilising Alchemy as an extension of a client’s ERP and CRM systems.

How our collection solutions support your business:

  • Enhanced control and improved cash flow:
      The web-based user interface places control with the client to self-manage tasks. Seamless processing of transactions is enabled by real-time validation
  • The module allows for interoperable collection services: from standard EFT debit order to DebiCheck.
  • Transaction limits: can be managed and validated
  • Bank account verification:
      Automatic Check Digit Verification (CDV) confirms the validity of bank account and bank branch codes, while Account Holder Verification (AVS) confirms the bank account holder’s details
  • Security:
      The system makes use of SSL 128-bit encryption technology and complies to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. Encrypted tokens ensure appropriate protection of consumer sensitive data
  • Peace of mind:
      SMS alerts are channelled to nominated recipients for activities that have configured as high risk. A call centre module enables call centre agents to obtain new electronic mandates from consumers in real time, thereby reducing call abandonment rates
  • Seamless reconciliation:
      Variable action/processing dates with full audit trail and comprehensive event and audit logging are available
  • Provides access to various debit order services:
      including Standard Debit Orders, Naedo, DebiCheck and Credit Cards

Payroll & Human Capital Management Technology


PeopleWare is a suite of people management software solutions, offering the full product range on a single database. With more than 2 000 companies using our systems, over 12 million payslips are generated each year.

How PeopleWare supports your business:
The single database of PeopleWare means that your business has a single source of truth for everything you need to know about your employees. PeopleWare can be run on premise, or in the Cloud. The system provides the following comprehensive employee management services:

  • Payroll
  • Payslips
  • Employee Self Service
  • HR Management
  • Time & Attendance as well as Access Control
  • Business Intelligence views for secure analytical reporting
  • API’s for 3rd party system integration
  • Early Wage Access

Early Wage Access

Nutun Transact is proud to have formed a partnership with FloatPays in offering our clients a best of breed earned wage solution which is POPI complaint and integrated fully with PeopleWare Payrolls*.

This solution allows your employees to manage their finances more easily, and to effortlessly (and without creating payroll headaches and administration!) apply for and receive advances on their current period earnings, as per company rules and criteria.
* System requirements for the Floatpays offering is the latest version of PeopleWare, ESSv20 and Sybase 16 or higher.

Payroll Deductions

This solution enables the processing of a variety of payroll deductions, taking the administrative hassle out of generating, formatting and submitting 3rd party contribution schedules and the associated payment.

How Payroll Deductions support your business:
  • 3rd party payment module: enables easy payroll deduction management. It ensures that all payroll deductions are reconciled and paid. Variance reports are created immediately after the payroll has been processed.
  • The Garnishee order module pays and resolves queries relating to all forms of garnishee order payments, including automatically submitting electronic remittance advices on clients’ behalf. Nutun Transact maintains all debt collections agencies and attorneys’ contact details, ensuring employees’ payment and remittance is sent to the correct recipient.
  • Salary / Wage payment module: a full audit trail ensures security around the payment of employees. At a highly competitive rate per transaction, there are no minimum transaction volume or limits. Employees will receive their salaries at the same time, regardless of where they bank.
  • Creditor payment module allows for the payment of suppliers’ invoices and generates a remittance advice. Notes can be made on the remittance to reduces queries from suppliers.

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